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We at Tubetech have a wide range of products for steel tube industry to cater the total requirement of our customers at one stop. Our products are of based on proven international technology, parts manufactured with best quality raw material, passing through various manufacturing processes including machining at highly precise CNC machines, assembled by internationally trained fitters and tested by highly qualified and experienced engineers. Our products are mainly grouped into following categories:

Automatic Strip Preparation Equipment for Tube Mills and Other Lines

1.5-25 MT Coil weight, 30-2000 mm wide x 0.5-16 mm thick strip
Un-coilers / De-coilers : Single & Double Mandrel Type
Coil Openers : Peeler & Snubber Type
Pinch Roll & Flatteners : Up-down & Alligator Type
Strip Shear & Welders :  Pneumatic & Hydraulic Fully Automatic Type
Horizontal Accumulators :  Forward & Reverse Loop Type
Single & Double Mandrel Type

Tubetech Un-Coilers are suitable for different strip processing lines like Tube Mills, Slitting Lines, Cut-to length lines, Coil pickling lines etc. The Un-Coilers are available in different models like Single Mandrel, Double Mandrel, Double Head depending on processing line and having different features like hydraulic expansion, hydraulic rotation, strip holding with manual/hydraulic coil supports.

Coil Openers
Peeler & Snubber Type

Tubetech Coil Openers are very advanced and robust in design. Various models with hydraulic peeler and snubber are available according to requirement like inline and offline (backside) coil opening, both top & bottom coil opening etc.

Pinch Roll & Flatteners
Up-down & Alligator Type

Tubetech Pinch Roll cum Flatteners are avialable in differenr models suitable to line requirement. Hydraulic Up/down and aligator type design facilitates the smooth entry of strip into flattener. Different nos. of rollers are provided according to strip thickness.

Strip Shear & Welders
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Fully Automatic Type

Tubetech Strip Shear & Welders are the most technically advanced, designed to provide fast, accurate means of automatically joining coils on all types of strip processing lines, not only to increase productivity, but also to eliminate the hazardous manual feeding of new coil into an operating line.

Horizontal Accumulators
Forward & Reverse Loop Type

Tubetech Horizontal Accumulators are based on world’s latest technology of reverse loop with its unique design to accommodate short length coils. Accumulators are fully automatic with high filling speed and high storage capacity and can be installed in existing line with strip entry at any angle.